Our mission

YouPAC's central goal is to advocate the issues of young people around the country. In a time when our economic future, our environmental security, our very lives are being legislated away, we cannot stand by and wait our turn. YouPAC exists because young people are outvoiced by industry lobbies and representatives who can negotiate away our futures without facing significant political consequences. The only way to change this system is to speak up.

All around the country, America's youth are organizing—from March for our Lives to the September 2019 Climate Strikes. But the inaction in Washington and local legislatures has shown that still more is demanded of us. YouPAC invokes traditional tactics—fundraising, organizing, and independent advocacy—to hit home an agenda that protects our futures and fights for change our generation desperately needs.

Our vision for the future

A lack of advocacy for youth issues has led to a categorical deprioritization of policies which could make our lives and futures more secure. We want to reduce gun deaths in the United States, end predatory student loan practices endorsed by the federal government, and work towards a greener future for us and our children.

By counteracting corporate lobbies and other political action committees, we can inject the voices of young people into our political process and gain a seat at the table.

Our values

As an organization, we are only as strong as the coalition we build; as individuals, we are only guided in the right direction by our values if we follow them. We stand firmly by the following principles and vow to keep them in our minds and in our hearts in every decision we make.